Charles’ Take on the Enactus Nationals Competition

Enactus Team

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Enactus National Competition, with Enactus QUT. I was a part of the support team; whose primary job was to work on the presentation material and assist the presenters. I found myself using many of the skills I’ve learnt from my extra-curricular experiences at QUT and really felt like I influenced how the trip panned out.

From the whole experience, I learned an enormous amount about social enterprises, and how to help people at the more grass-roots level. Much like my learning experiences at QUT Connect, LDI and QUT Business Advantage. The opportunity to spread my roots outside of QUT, to meet new and extraordinary people will be treasured for a long time.

I would like to thank the QUT Business School for sponsoring our endeavours, and especially Marvin Fox, who has given up so much of his personal time to be our supervisor. It is hard not to be inspired by his awesome work.

Overall, I would recommend every student who is interested in helping people and volunteering to join Enactus QUT. The opportunity to become a part of an awesome team of people doing great things should be seized upon.

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